Impact Webinar:
Repowering Wind Farms through Innovation

[IMPACT Livestream] Repowering Wind Farm: the Innovation of Wind Farm O&M

Date & Time: 10:30 – 11:30 CET | April 28 Thursday

Format: Online Panel Discussion

Wind energy resources offer many possibilities for the construction and use of wind energy in Europe. The development of wind energy has gradually entered a mature phase. For those wind farms in use, an effective and creative construction, operation, and maintenance plan will ensure the vitality of the wind farm.

In the webinar, we focus on the wind farm O&M, pay attention to the wind farms repowering in advance. Many predictive, creative, and practical ideas will be discussed.

Key Touch Points:

  • Ways to extend the operating period and efficiency of wind farms

  • Innovation trends of wind farm operation management

  • The possibility to retrofit existing wind farms: Repowering strategy

  • Practice guideline