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Wind Power Market in Europe:To Make Your Investment 


The Coronavirus outbreak is having a significant impact on the global economy and the wind power industry is no exception. Up to date (9 Mar 2020), the COVID-19 has now spread to more than 12,000 persons in 42 European countries, with over 419 deaths and 712 cures. The most affected nations in the region include Italy (7,472 confirmed), France (1,209), Germany (1,151), and Spain (909), and the UK (273). As Italy seals off its northern region, major travel restrictions are imposed among renewable corporates, with public gatherings be cancelled or postponed for further assessments.



At WAMW, we will:

  • Health and safety of clients are always on the top priority. At the WAMW, we are carefully monitoring and assessing the latest developments concerning COVID-19 and will act in align with governmental advices and guidance from WHO

  • Free access to alcohol- besed hand rubs along with cleaning spray, and necessary medical supports will be provided  to all participants.

  • Pre-registrants who are not attend the event due to travel restrictions or safety concerns could extend his or her ticket to Leader Associate’s following events around the world. (Event map:


Unleashing Business Engagement in the Wake of Crisis

Will Coronavirus hit the industry forever? The answer is an apparent NO. It's obvious that the demand and development of wind power in Europe will be dramatically unleashed in the second or third quarter of 2020. Aiming to champion the success of our clients, WAME will continue to stand with companies and clients and prepare to restore business engagements in the wake of crisis.


Global COVID-19 Situation Reference

China – Workers are Returning, but Slowly

Chinese citizens had been in a mandate lockdown for two weeks to combat the spread of the virus. Currently, it has been controlled and the addition is very low. As most of wind components are produced in China, stalled production is projected to lead to pausing and delays of turbine and other large products, an increase in prices, as well as companies not being able to fulfill installations. The good news is, Chinese major turbine manufacturers Goldwind, Envision, Mingyang, Shanghai Electric, CSIC Haizhuang, DEC and CRRC and three foreign turbine producers, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa and GE Renewable Energy all confirmed they resumed production in the week beginning 10 February. However, still some components manufacturers won’t be operating at full capacity until the end of April.

Italy – 16 Million Population in Confinement until 3 April

On 3 March, Italy experienced its highest day-on-day rise in deaths from coronavirus. A plan to quarantine more than 16 million people were leaded to the press, suggesting that the whole of Lombardy, including its financial capital of Milan and 14 provinces across the worst-affected northern regions to be shut down until 3 April.



France – Temporary Public Gathering Bans with Exception for Public Transits, School Exams, Protests

France was the first country in Europe to report cases of the illness and is now on high alert after neighbouring Italy became a new front in the global fight to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Following the death toll rise toward 19 in France, the French government has banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people on Sunday to slow the transmission of virus. However, the order doesn’t apply to public transportation, school exams or political demonstrations.


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